Safe Piano Storage


If you own a piano and are in the process of moving or simply do not have ample room to keep it at the moment, safely storing it is your best option. Pianos that are stored must be taken care of in order to avoid problems with the instrument later on such as warping or going out of tune. If you're considering putting your piano into storage, here are some tips to help make sure you keep your investment safe.

Improper Storage Can Cause Your Piano Harm

In order for the piano's structure to stay in the correct shape and for the piano to stay in tune, it must be stored under the proper conditions. Ideally, pianos need the perfect humidity and temperature levels to prevent them from warping. Direct sunlight can also hurt your piano and cause the interior soundboard to become warped. There is wool cloth located inside your piano, and too much humidity can cause it to deteriorate. Temperature and humidity extremes can wreak havoc on a piano's tuning, finish, and overall structure. The ideal humidity level for your piano should be kept at 42% when possible.

Proper Storage Tips

There are special storage areas in some places designed to store pianos and other musical instruments. This would be the ideal situation for your piano, since they specialize in providing the best conditions for the instrument. But these facilities can be costly and you may not be able to locate one in your area. If you need to store your piano elsewhere, here are some things you can do to be proactive in order to ensure it stays in good condition:

  • Thoroughly clean your piano inside and out, and apply polish to the wood exterior.
  • Cover the piano's keys with a protective cloth, and make sure the lid of the piano stays closed. This will help keep dust out.
  • Use thick moving blankets to cover your piano during the moving process to prevent damage.
  • Purchase a special protective cover that can be placed over the piano while it is in storage.
  • Use special moving services who know how to handle pianos, and make sure they have proper insurance to protect your investment in the event of a problem.

If you do not want to simply store your piano, consider having a friend or family member look after it temporarily. Pianos stay in optimum condition when they are played regularly, and they should also be tuned at least once a year. Letting someone else enjoy your piano until you're ready to bring it home is a great way to make sure it is taken care of and well loved. If this may not be an option, contact a storage facility to discuss your concerns and find out what you can do to properly store your instrument.


30 December 2015

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