Can't Afford Full Packing Services? 5 Spaces To Get Help With


Even those who plan to hire professional movers often try to handle the actual packing of their households on their own. But if you're going the DIY route in order to save money, consider a better strategy. Rather than forgoing all packing services, focus your funds on help packing specific areas of your home. Here are a few of the most important places to hire professional assistance and why.

1. Kids' Rooms

Packing up small children's belongings is a tricky endeavor. Kids are often already emotional about a big move, and they may have irrational fears about losing their stuff. One of the best ways to manage all this is to save their bedroom for the last minute. However, this puts you in a bad spot, since you may not have time to do it. Instead, have professional movers pack up that room just before you head out. 

2. The Kitchen

The kitchen is a misleading room when it comes to packing. It seems fairly simple, but it has a lot of miscellaneous and fragile items. It's labor intensive, often taking more time than it should. Therefore, if you want to save the most time in your own schedule, this is a key room to outsource. 

3. Garages and Sheds

Safety comes first. So what are the most potentially unsafe areas to pack up yourself? The garage and sheds probably come at the top of the list. From sharp tools and powerful equipment to hazardous chemicals and possible pests, the garage or work shed is often risky for amateurs. Assign this work to professionals with the right tools and experience handling dangerous items. 

4. A Storage Unit

Do you have a full storage unit that will also need to be emptied? This is a job for the pros. Stuff stored in a unit for a long time could be precariously stacked, host pests or leaks, or even have already broken or suffered damage. Plus, it's a big job on top of packing up all your current belongings. Let the movers stop at the unit first or last and get it all done quickly and safely. 

5. The Home Theater

Complicated electronics are both fragile and complex. You may feel comfortable packing up your living room television, but other spaces could have more than you should tackle alone. Let a pro disassemble your home theater or dedicated gaming room, organize and mark things for reassembly, and even handle the setup on the other side. 

Where to Learn More

What assistance could you use packing up your home? No matter how much or how little you can afford or need help with, start by meeting with a packing service in your area today. 

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21 December 2022

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