Three Small Ways To Help Your Daughter Safely Transition Into Her First Local Apartment


If your child is ready to take the first step of moving out into their own space, it can still be a good idea for your daughter to stay nearby. It isn't uncommon for parents to worry about a daughter living alone, but her being closer in proximity can make it less worrisome. If your little girl is preparing to stay on her own for the first time, here are some ways that you can help her get her local move done quickly. 

Hire a reputable moving company

When your daughter is moving, you want to hire a reputable moving company from around the area. Professionals will be able to get the job done quickly and you won't have to worry about who you are hiring. Hiring licensed and bonded people from a local moving service is safer than attempting to recruit others to help your daughter move. It is a good idea to have at least two movers, as it can be more difficult than many think to move large items such as dressers, mattresses, and heavy tables. Even non-heavy, yet large items such as futon sofas can be difficult to move if not balanced by more than one person. 

Buy male items for her home 

Though your daughter may feel comfortable on her own and know about personal safety, there is no such thing as too safe. Buy a pair of men's work boots and a men's jacket or men's shirt and jeans. She can put the boots at or near the front door and use the jeans and shirt or jacket to lay around in the event that maintenance or an installation crew comes to her home. This will signal to others that a man may be home or live there, which is safer than people she doesn't know believing that she lives alone. 

Get a rolling grocery cart

On of the times that your daughter will be at her most vulnerable is when she goes from her car to the house after grocery shopping. Most people will have to make more than one trip from the car to their home in order to unload all groceries. Many people leave their home doors or car doors unlocked while moving groceries around, which can be dangerous. Buy your daughter a collapsable wire grocery cart that can load dozens of bags of groceries at a time. Keeping this in the trunk of her car means that she can load and transport all groceries at once, which means she will safely and quickly get from her car and to her house each time she goes shopping. 

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30 July 2016

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