Moving To Another State? Why You Shouldn't Ship Your Stuff In The Mail


If you are currently planning on moving to another state, you are probably looking into all of your options and trying to determine how to best ship your stuff to your new home. One tip that you might have heard of is to send your stuff to your new address in the mail. Although this might seem like a good idea, you'll probably find that hiring an inter-state moving company can be a far better option. These are a few reasons why you shouldn't ship your stuff to your new home through the mail.

It Could Be More Expensive

Mailing your stuff can actually be more expensive. If you are shipping larger items, you are going to have to pay for each item shipped by weight or by the size of the box that it's kept in, and these costs can really add up. You can send important documents and other small items rather affordably, but there is really no point when these items will only take up a negligible amount of space in a moving truck that you'll need to use to ship your larger items anyway. Unless you are leaving everything behind and only shipping a few small items, using an inter-state moving company that can move all of your stuff at once is sure to be a more affordable option.

There Could Be Additional Risk of Damage

Inter-state moving companies are especially careful with the items that they move and make sure that they are packaged properly for transport. You might not know how to best package your items so that they can be shipped safely, which could result in damage. You can always purchase insurance for your package, but then you'll typically have to pay extra. By using an inter-state moving company, you can feel confident that your items are safe when they are shipped.

There Might Be More Waste

If items are packaged up to be sent through the mail, they may require more package protection than if they were going to be handled by professional movers. Plus, you may find yourself packing items into different boxes when shipping this way due to weight and size restrictions for packages that are being mailed. This can result in more waste, which is bad for the environment.

As you can see, there is really no reason to ship items to your new home through the mail. Instead, you should consider the benefits of hiring an inter-state moving service. Talk to a service like M Dyer & Sons Inc to learn more.


1 January 2016

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