Hiring Professionals To Ensure Safety Of Fragile Items During A Long-Distance Move


Poor packing of fragile items is one of the main causes of breakages during a long distance move.  Considering that the truck will travel for many miles over a considerable period of time, it is important to ensure everything is correctly packed. Trained packers from a reputable long distance moving company understand that delicate and fragile items are not simply placed in a box, but require special care. Therefore, they will use the right packing materials and techniques to ensure safety of your fragile items, such as mirrors, glasses, and kitchen utensils during the long journey.

Packing Dishes

Professionals pack plates vertically rather than stacking them on top of each other. They cover every plate with a bubble wrap and secure it with tape before putting them in medium or small boxes that are lined on top and bottom with crumpled packing paper. When it comes to the glasses, the professionals will wrap every piece individually with packing paper. Lumping together multiple glasses even when a protective wrapping is used increases the likelihood of shattering or chipping due to the prolonged movement of the truck. More so, these professionals will fill any empty spaces between the glasses with bubble paper. Heavy glass items are placed in the bottom of the box and the lighter pieces on  top.

Lamps and pictures

A professional will pack your lamp shade separately with the flat side down, and line the box with a lot of paper. The lamp base is covered with bubble wrap and placed in a separate box that is lined with packing paper. Framed pictures that are more than eight inches long are packed in an upright position and placed in a box lined with paper. Crumpled packing paper is placed between every piece to minimize friction that can lead to breakages. Your pictures that are more than three feet will be secured using a moving blanket and then wrapped with plastic.  

Reducing empty space and labeling

A professional understands that empty spaces increase the likelihood of breakages during the long distance movement. Extra room in a box causes the fragile items to be jostled during transportation, which raises the risk of chipping or breaking. They will pack every box fully, and fill any empty space with paper that acts as padding during the move. Most importantly, professionals use sturdy moving boxes that provide the right amount of protection for your valuable items.  Additionally, they clearly mark the boxes with these items as "fragile" so that extra caution is taken when loading them on the truck.    

Clearly, it is vital to hire professionals from a long-distance moving company to pack your fragile items. It will not only save you the hassle, but also ensure minimum breakages during the long journey. More importantly, the majority of companies offer this service at an affordable cost that you can easily factor in during your move.  

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8 January 2016

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