2 Tips For Hiring Movers For The 1st Time


If you are moving, and have decided that you want to hire movers to assist you, you should follow the tips below.

#1: Have The Moving Company Visit Your Home Before Signing A Contract

Once you determine which moving company you want to hire, make sure that you have them visit your home before you sign a contract with them. This will allow them to provide you with a more accurate estimate so that there are no surprise costs or fees on the day of your move.

The moving company will be able to assess your home and determine if they need to charge extra for anything, such as moving items up and down stairs. They will also be able to collect and make a more accurate inventory of everything that needs to be moved and will be able to work in any special handling fees into your estimate. Here are some of the moving fees that you may not think about while getting a quote over the phone that an in-home assessment will spot:

  • Moving large furniture
  • Special packaging
  • Accurate estimate of the number of boxes to pack up your belongings
  • Navigating stairs
  • Distance from stairs to where the moving truck can park

#2: Make A Household Inventory List

It is important that you have an accurate record of everything in your home that the moving company will be moving for you. To start with, having an accurate inventory list will help you get a more accurate initial quote from the moving companies. 

When you actually move, having an inventory list will help you check and make sure that all of your belongings make it to your new home. Additionally, if any of your items is missing or damaged after your move, it will be easier to file an insurance claim with the moving company if you completed a household inventory list. 

There are a few ways you can create your household inventory list. You can go room by room, and write down everything in each room. Or, you can create a list based on the category the items in your house fall under. For example, you can list all the furniture you have, then all the electronics you have, clothing, books, kitchenware, etc. 

You should not just write down what you have, you should also either take photos of all your belongings or create a video recording of all of your belongings. This will further assist you if you need to file an insurance claim for any missing or damaged item due to your move. With photo or video evidence, you will be able to prove that your items were not damaged before the move. 

If you are hiring movers for the first time, make sure that you get multiple initial quotes and that you have any moving company you are interested in hiring visit your home for a more detailed final quote. Additionally, make sure you create an inventory of all your items for your personal records. Doing these three things will ensure that you have an easier and smoother moving experience.


13 January 2016

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