Avoid These 4 Common Moving Mistakes


When moving day arrives, you want to be fully prepared with well-packed boxes and backups in case your friends can't help you move. Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes that keep a move from running smoothly. Here are some mistakes to avoid when you are moving house.

Packing Boxes Too Heavy

Just because you have a large box that is in great condition, doesn't mean you should fill it to the very top with all your heavy items. As you pack up boxes, keep testing the weight of the box by lifting one of the bottom corners. When it starts to feel heavy, stop where you are and either don't place anything else inside, or place light items like pillows. When packing heavy items like books or small appliances, try to mix them up between boxes instead of attempting to put all your books into one large box.

Not Covering Furniture and Appliances

Whether you are moving items on your own or paying a professional moving company, make sure certain items are covered to protect them. For example, electronic equipment and appliances should be covered to keep them from accidental damage, such as if they move around too much in the moving truck from a pothole or water gets into your pickup truck due to unexpected rain. Instead of packing up all your blankets, they make great covers for these types of items.

Also cover certain furniture items to protect them from pests, such as your mattresses, which are prone to bed bugs. For wood furniture, it should be okay without a cover unless you are moving in a truck that is open, such as the bed of a pickup truck. In that case, try to cover the furniture with a tarp in case it rains.

Using Old Cardboard Boxes

While you don't need to buy brand new boxes every time you move house, you should also not be using the same boxes you have had for the last couple decades either. Try to only should boxes a couple times before you replace them. If you look at the available boxes in your garage or attic and find that they are flimsy and barely hold tape anymore, let alone hold heavy items, it might be time to replace them. You don't want to be moving a box of valuables only to find that the bottom has given out and all your items are in pieces on the floor. The older boxes might also be riddled with pests like spiders, so it is best to start with some new boxes on occasion.

Failing to Prepare for Last-Minute Changes

Even if you did your due diligence to ensure the moving company will arrive at the certain time or your brother and his friends will help you move, things happen. It is always best to be open to these changes and prepare for them ahead of time. Always have one or more backups for moving day, whether it means holding a moving truck at the local moving business just in case you need it or asking a few other friends if they would be available if someone else can't make it. This can help to avoid those last-minute emergencies that always tend to happen on moving day.

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14 January 2016

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