Signs A Storage Unit Will Keep Your Belongings Safe


When you rent a storage unit for your belongings, it is not just about finding a facility that has enough space at the right price. It is also about finding a storage facility where your belongings will be safe. Here are a few signs you should look for when touring self-storage facilities to determine if your belongings will be safe.

Security Cameras

As you walk around the premise, keep your eye out for security cameras. A secure self-storage unit will have security cameras that cover all the major entrances into the facility. Additionally, there should be security cameras that cover the entrances into all the units themselves.

You should also ask how they maintain their security system. Is someone constantly monitoring the security feeds? Do they have an outside security company monitoring the feeds? Do they just record the feeds and only look at them if there is a concern? 

Ideally, the storage company you are interested in will have someone either on site or remotely monitoring the feeds at all times. 

On Site Security Presence

Next, see if you notice a security guard monitoring the presence. If you don't see one, be sure to ask if they have a security guard. You should also ask if the security guard just monitors the security feeds, or if they actually walk around the premise during their shifts. 

Having a security guard on-site who walks around the premise will make the storage unit less of a target for break-in and will increase the security of your belongings. 

Secure Fence & Gate

When you tour the facilities, you should also pay attention to how the site is secured. Ideally, there should be a fence around the entire premises. 

Additionally, if you can drive into the storage facility, the gate should be controlled. For additional security, the gate should only open if one has the password or if one first signs in to the front office before entering the facility. 

Limited Access 

Finally, make sure you inquire about who has access to your unit. The most secure units will only provide you with a key to your unit and will not have a key to the unit themselves. They should also change the lock on each unit after each tenant vacates a unit so that a previous tenant cannot access your unit. You should also be able to provide your own padlock to further secure your unit.

If you need to put your belongings inside of a storage unit, make sure that you pay attention to the level of security that the storage facility offers. For more information, contact companies like Bill King Moving. 


29 January 2016

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