Escaping An Abusive Relationship? What To Look For When You Hire Last Minute Movers


Ideally, you want to plan a move out as far in advance as possible. However, if you are in an abusive relationship, you may not have the opportunity to do so. If your partner is going away for work, a trip with the guys or to visit his parents, you may want to make the most of him being out of town and move while you can. This may leave you scrambling to hire a last minute mover to help you pack, lift and transport your goods. Knowing what to look for in last minute movers will help you find a company that is ideal for your situation. Here is what you need to look for.

If the Estimate is Binding

It is always recommended that you get quotes from at least three moving companies. While you may not think you have time for this, doing so will help you find a last minute moving company with fair prices. As you get estimates, look at what type of estimate you have received. A non-binding estimate means that the price can increase if the movers have under-budgeted. A binding estimate means that the price is fixed, and you don't have to worry about it changing. A binding not-to-exceed estimate means that the price can't go any higher, but it may be lower if you have less stuff than estimated. Using a company that offers a binding or binding not-to-exceed quote gives you peace of mind as to what you will pay the movers.

If the Mover Offers Moving Insurance

Movers are required to compensate you $0.30 to $0.60 per pound if your belongings are damaged or go missing during a move. Unfortunately, this isn't a lot of money and typically doesn't cover the value of the item. As such, you may want to obtain moving insurance. However, on such a short deadline, you may be unable to obtain moving insurance from your preferred insurance company. Finding a moving company that offers moving insurance will ensure you can get the coverage you need, even at the last minute.

If the Mover Can Work With Your Situation

The last thing you need to consider when hiring last minute movers for escaping an abusive relationship is whether the movers are willing to work with your situation. In some instances, you may not know the exact time that your partner is leaving the house, or you may wish to have a keyword with the company in case your partner doesn't leave on the day they are scheduled to. Some companies have worked with abuse victims and know things don't always go as planned. Working with a company who understands why the day or time of your move may shift, and is willing to be flexible, will help alleviate some of the what-ifs you may have about moving.

Escaping an abusive relationship is never easy. However, doing so when your partner is out of town can make it easier. But this can leave you looking to move quickly and unexpectedly. Knowing what to look for in last minute movers will help you find the right company for your situation. Check out websites like to get started.


14 April 2016

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