Is Winter Over? 3 Tips For Properly Storing Your Winter Gear For Months


Summer is all about lightweight clothing that hardly takes up any room, but winter is a time in which you need multiple layers, thick coats, and full-body clothing to keep yourself from freezing. However, you may not have enough room in your apartment to store every coat that you and your significant other own in the months that you don't need them.

Instead of cluttering your home or selling and buying winter gear each year, you can just put everything in storage. Putting away these items for quite a few months means you cannot do it haphazardly. It needs to be done in a systematical manner to prevent the clothing from becoming damaged while it sits for months.

Invest in a Clothes Rack

Many pieces of clothing are easily folded and placed neatly in a box or bin, but this is not the case with heavy coats. The best thing that you can do for these jackets is to store them on a clothes rack. This allows them to hang in their natural state, as opposed to being folded, which may be difficult to accomplish. If you have a large scarf collection, you can also use a rack to hang a lot of them without taking up much room.

Get Plastic Bins

Although you may be able to get your hands on moving boxes for free, you should prioritize the long-term protection of your winter clothes by getting plastic bins instead. The initial investment is worth being able to put your hoodies, socks, beanies, thermal underwear, and long-sleeved shirts in a safe place. The fewer components there are to a piece of clothing, the easier it is to fold it and not cause any long-term damage. This explains why a hoodie is perfect for folding, but a winter jacket is the exact opposite.

Use Special Hangers

When hanging your winter coats, you cannot expect to have positive results with just any hangers. Acrylic, metal, and oversized hangers that are designed for coats are the only things you should consider using. A weak hanger will sag a jacket to unnatural proportions, which can have negative effects in the long run. Feel free to invest in fabric garment bags if you want to protect your scarves and coats against dust. The alternative is going without and just giving each piece a thorough dusting when winter arrives.

Knowing how to store your winter gear is essential if you want each piece to last for many years. Contact a business that offers heated self-storage units for more information.   


13 June 2016

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